Friday, November 16, 2012

Kara's 11/15 Publix Trip (Best trip so far!!)

Hello everybody! I.AM.SO.EXCITED!  I just did my BEST couponing trip so far and I scored so many good deals! I was reminded, yet again,  just how much I love coupons! I'm so glad now that I decided to clean out another closet for my stockpile because I don't know where I would've put everything, but I couldn't have passed on any of these deals because I would've been kicking myself for it later! Here's how I did...
Total Before Coupons - $427.86
Total After Coupons - $174.47
Total Savings - $253.39
Here's what I got:
We have enough whipped cream and butter to last us a while! lol
I got:
9 - Campbells' Condensed Great for Cooking Soups
4 - Del Monte Canned Vegetables
4 - Del Monte Tomatoes
6 - Dole Canned Pineapples
4 - Nestle Carnation Evaportated Milk
7 - Hellmann's Mayo
(My dad takes 2 sandwiches to lunch everyday so we go through a lot of mayo!)
4 - Capri Sun 100% Juice Blends
6 - Lipton Tea 100ct.
2 - Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
9 - Idahoan Instant Potatoes
4 - Ziplock Storage Bags
1 - Planters Nuts
6 - Velveeta Shells n Cheese Dinners
1 - Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries
6 - Kraft Natural Cheese Chunks
2 - Oscar Meyer Bacon
4 - Swanson Broth
2 - Wesson Canola Oil
9 - I can't believe it's not butters
8 - Cool Whip Whipped Toppings
5 - Colgate Toothpaste
4 - Oreo Cookies (The Birthday Cakes ones are SO good!)
2 - Bounce Dryer Sheets
4 - Bounty Basic Paper Towels
3 - Bounty Napkins 100ct.
2 - Ragu Spaghetti Sauce
1 - Publix Milk
1 - Publix Ground Round
1 - Publix Shoulder Roast
2 - Sweet Onions
2 - Pepperonchini Peppers
2 - Publix Auju Seasoning Mixes
1 - Publix Bakery Buns
2 - Publix Bakery Pizza Doughs
4 - Sara Lee cakes
2 - Keebler Club Crackers
2 - Philladelphia Cream Cheese
I love all the great deals in the ad for this week!
I also love meal planning now! It makes it so much easier.
For supper tonight I'm cooking Slow cooked Italian Beef Sliders! It smells so good. I started it in the crockpot this morning!
What's for supper at your house??
Thanks for stopping by and keep watching the blog because I'm gonna post a homemade dog treat recipe soon! I made these for my dogs and they LOVE them!

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