Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Publix 8/3/11

Total before coupons - $40.23
Total after coupons - $10.84
Total savings - $29.39

 5 - boxes aunt jemima pancakes/French toast
 3- skippy's peanut butter (1 not pictured)
1 - Publix brand pizza (penny item!)
 2 - Pillsbury cookies
 2 - batter blaster pancake/waffle better

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kroger 7/30/11

Total before Coupons - $70.54
Total after Coupons - $44.99
Total Savings - $25.55

Got $3.75 worth in Catalina Coupons

1 - Tyson Chicken Breast
1 - Publix Brand Beef
1 - Revlon Blow Dryer
2 - Revlon Tools
4 - General Mills Cereals
2 - Milk (Free cause we bought the cereal)
3 - pouches Idahoan Instant Potatoes
1 - Veet
2 - Glade Candle Refills


K-Mart 7/30/11

Total before Coupons - $215.34
Total after Coupons - $71.73
Total Savings - $143.61

1 - Zest Soap 3pk
2 - Ivory Soap 3pk.
2 - Nivea Men's Body Wash
4 - Expo Markers
1 - Reynolds Wrap
1 - 20lbs. Purina Dog Food
4 - Cans Pedigree Dog Food
8 - Wiskas Cat Food
2 - Febreze Air Effects Spray
2 - Nature's Own Bread
4 - Colgate Toothbrushes
2 - Kid's Colgate Toothpaste
4 - Men's Edge Shave Gel
12 - Skintimate Shave Gel
3 - 4pks. BIC Soleil Razors
2 - Bengay Pain Reliever Gel
4 - Oral-B Toothbrushes
2 - Tylenol Precise Creams
2 - packs Bandaids
2 - Loreil Kid's Shampoo
4 - Loreil Shampoo & Conditioner
4 - Loreil Styling Products


Publix 7/30/11

Total before Coupons - $284.44
Total after Coupons - $115.73
Total Savings - $168.71

6 - Kellogg's Eggo Waffles
6 - Tombstone Pizzas
6 - boxes Wheatables NutCrisps
3 - Kraft BBQ Sauces
3 - Kraft Real Mayo
9 - 4pk. Pop Tarts
1 - French's Mustard
4 - Oreos (variety)
2 - Kellogg Cereals
18 - cans Chef Boyardee (variety)
4 - Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpastes
2 - Colgate Max White Toothpastes
1 - Exedrin 30 count
2 - Shout Sprays
2 - Listerine Mouthwashes
1 - Reach Floss
2 - Wisk Detergent
4 - Air Wick Refills 2pk.
3 - Air Wick Freshmatic Kits
1 - Jane's Crazy Salt
1 - Publix Brand Coffee Creamer

1 - Post Banana Nut Cereal

Publix 7/27/11

Total before Coupons - $52.36
Total after Coupons - $12.38
Total Savings - $39.98

6 - Kellogg's Pop Tarts
4 - Oreo Cakester/Brownie Snacks (1 not pictured)
3 - Mueller's Pasta
1 - Publix 6pk. Water (Penny Item!!!)
2 - Mt. Olive Pickles
1 - Pantene Shampoo
1 - Excedrin 24ct.
2 - Shout Color Catcher Gel

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dollar General, Staples, Publix & Kroger 7/23/11

Dollar General, Staples, Publix & Kroger shopping trip on 7/23/11

**I forgot to put a measuring cup & another bag of Knorr Rice Sides in the picture and didn't realize it til after I took the picture**
Total before Coupons - $465.63
Total after Coupons - $214.25
Total Saved - $251.38

Dollar General

Total before Coupons - $45.82
Total after Coupons - $24.57
Total Savings - $21.25

1 - Ladies Shirt
1 - Ladies Sandals
8 - 2 Liter Diet Dr. Pepper
2 - 6pk. 20oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
2 - 6pk. 20oz. Dr. Pepper

Total before Coupons - $13.60 
Total after Coupons - $6.10     
Total Savings - $7.50

2 - Brawny 8pk. Roll Paper Towels

Publix Transaction 1:
Total before Coupons - $53.41
Total after Coupons - $34.71
Total Savings - $18.70

3 - Snapple (Diet Peach Tea & Kiwi Strawberry)
1 - Mt. Olive Pickles
4 - Knorr Pasta Sides (one is not pictured)
1 - Smuckers Peach Jelly
3 - Diet 7UP
2 - A&W Diet Root Beer

Publix Transaction 2:

Total before Coupons - $137.19
Total after Coupons - $47.62
Total Savings - $89.57

20 - Banquet Frozen Dinners
1 - Hot Pocket Snackers
1 - Smucker's Peach Jelly
2 - Yoplait Yogurt 6pk.
2 - Morning Star Buffalo Wings
2 - Emerald Honey Roasted Peanuts
5 - Glade Candles
4 - Kool-Aid/Country Time Drink Mixes
2 - Men's Speed Stick Deoderant
1 - Frank's Hot Sauce
1 - Ivory Bar Soap 3pk.
1 - Always Infinity Pads
4 - Capri Sun Drinks 10pk.
4 - Quaker Chewy Bars
2 - Sargento Cheese
3 - Kellogg's Cereals


Total before Coupons - $216.73
Total after Coupons - $101.25
Total Savings - $115.48

5 - Scotch Brite Sponges
6 - Herbal Essence/Aussie Products (variety)
1 - Colgate Toothpaste
4 - Danimals Yogurt
1 - Carolina Pride Bacon
4 - Lysol Wipes
10 - Pringles
6 - Goldfish Sandwhich Bread
2 - loafs of bread
1 - pack Hotdog Buns
1 - pack Hamburger Buns
2 -  Lipton Soup Mixes
2 - Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
1 - Pyrex Measuring Cup
3 - Rubbermaid Pitchers
1 - pack of Bologna
2 - Johnson & Johnson Baby Powders
2 - Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil
2 - Arm & Hammer Washing Detergent
2 - Oxy Clean Carpet Cleaner
1 -  Purex Washing Detergent
2 - Dove Men Soap 6 pk.
1 - 20 lbs. Purina Dog Chow
2 - Sargento Cheese
4 - Lipton Ice Tea

Let's Get Social Sunday (weekly blog hop) 7/24/11

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mailbox Freebies

I'm a little behind on posting my mailbox freebies, but here's what I got in the mail the last three days!

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Finally got my Pandora Bracelet that i've been waiting on! I got this for filling out a survey a while back.

Wednesday July 20, 2011

I got free Alpo dog food and a coupon & I also got 2 Publix coupon books!

Thursday July 21, 2011

Free pack of UP2U gum and a sample of Meguiar's Tire Gel!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coupon Policies

One of the most important thing's when it comes to couponing is knowing your store's coupon policy! It would be a great idea to print out the policy and have it with you when you go to a store. Policies are always changing so I recommend checking quite often to see if anything has changed.

I've put together a list of store's for you...if you would like to know the policy just click on the store name!

***Please note: These coupon policies are for stores in the Cullman/Decatur, Alabama area and every store is different so just do a quick search for your store policy. The policies are not too hard to find usually!***


 If there are anymore you would like me to add to the list just let me know!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first Blog Hop!

Yayy! I'm sooo excited! This is my very first BLOG HOP!!

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A blog hop is a linky list that is SHARED ON MULTIPLE BLOGS.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coupon Abbreviations & Terms

New to couponing? And not sure what all the letters and terms mean? Well, hopefully we can help!

These are abbreviations for inserts that come in the Sunday paper:

  • P&G - Proctor & Gamble
  • RP - Red Plum
  • SS - Smartsource
  • GM - General Mills
  • V - Valassis (usually combined with Red Plum)

If you follow us when putting together your deals we put what coupons you should have and which insert it came in. It will look something like this:        
Chex Mix $1
-$0.50/1 Chex Mix  (RP 6/12/11, expires 8/6/11 )
As low as free, if your store doubles

The RP 6/12/11, means it came from the Red Plum insert that came out on June 12, 2011.

**Sometimes you may see an R, which means it was a regional coupon and only some areas recieved it! Will look like this: (RP 6/12/11 R)

Here are a list of other abbreviations & terms:
  • Q - Coupon
  • Blinkie - in store coupon dispensers near certain products, usually have a blinking light
  • CAT or Catalinas - Coupons that print off at the register
  • Peelie - Coupons that are on the outside of products
  • RR - Register Rewards (Reward program at Walgreens)
  • R - Regional Coupon
  • BOGO, B1G1 - Buy One Get One free
  • MFC or MQ - Manufacturer Coupon
  • OOP - Out of much money you actually pay
  • UPC - Universal Product Code/bar code
  • ECBs - CVS Extra Care Bucks (Reward program at CVS)
  • Stacking - Using a Manufacturer Coupon & a Store Coupon together for bigger savings (not all stores allow this so check your stores coupon policy...some also allow stacking a Competitor Coupon and a Manufacturer Coupon) 
  • $1/1 - one dollar off one item
  • $1/2 - one dollar off two items
  • 2/$1 - two items for one dollar
  • IPs - Internet Printables (online printable coupons)
  • MIR - Mail-In Rebate
  • NED - No Expiration Date
  • PSA - Price Starts At
  • Tearpad - Pads of coupons found in store
  • WSL - While Supplies Last
  • WYB - When You Buy

Stacking Example: Cottonelle Toilet Paper is $6.49, you have a MFC for $1/1 & you have a Store or Competitor Coupon for $0.75/1 that you stack on top of your will end up costing you $4.74 because you stacked both coupons for that one item.

Those are the basics! Hopefully not too confusing or overwhelming! Let me know if there are anymore you can't figure out!

Penny Item 7/13/11

Today's Penny Item is...

Publix Brand Bran Flakes Cereal!

**To get penny items for a penny you have to have the coupon that comes in the Wednesday paper and you have to spend $10 (that's before coupons)!**

Publix 7/13/11 (2 Transactions)

Transaction 1:

Total- $183.12
Total after Coupons - $33.57
Total Savings - $149.55

1 - Publix Brand Bran Flakes Cereal (Penny Item)
3 - Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats
1 - Publix Brand Eggs 6 count
1 - Heinz White Vinegar 
 1 - Vlasic Pickles
12 - Chef Boyardee canned meals
4 - boxes Splenda Essentials
2 - Pantene Shampoo
1 - box Always Infinity Pads
3 - Colgate Original Toothpastes
3 - bags Chex Mix
2 - Scotch's Kids 5" Scissors
4 - Papermate 10 pack pens
1 - Papermate 2 pack pens
2 - Crayola Markers
2 - All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent
4 - Yoplait Smoothie Mixes
1 - Yoplait 4pk. Fiber One Yogurt
2 - Cottonelle 12pk. Toilet Paper
3 - Zantac 150 Maximum Stregth Tablets 24 count

We also have rain checks for Noxzema Razors, BIC Mechanical Pencils, Milkbone Dog Snacks & Hot Pocket Snackers....they went fast! I even got there when they opened and still couldn't get everything fast enough :/

Transaction 2:

Total - $37.89
Total after Coupons - $6.73
Total Savings - $31.16

1 - Publix Brand Bran Flakes Cereal (Penny Item)
3 - boxes Always Infinity Pads
3 - 2000 Flushes (Blue + Detergent)
3 - 2000 Flushes (Blue + Bleach)

**For Transactions 1 & 2 we got $221.01 worth of groceries for $40.30....Total Savings of $180.71!!!!**

Here is what each item cost us.....

~Publix Brand Bran Flakes Cereal = 2 for $0.02 ($0.01 each)

~Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal =  3 for $4.49 ($1.50 each)

~Publix Brand Eggs 6 count = -$0.25 (Overage of  $0.25)

~Heinz White Vinegar = 1 for $0.29

~Vlasic Pickles = 1 for $0.90

~Chef Boyardee Canned Meals = 12 for $5.00 ($0.42 each)

~Splenda Essentials = 4 for $1.18 ($0.30 each)

~Pantene Shampoo = 2 for $2.00 ($1.00 each)

~Always Infinity Pads = 4 for $5.96 (1.49 each)

**we got $5.00 off our total for buying the pantene shampoo and always pads, so 2 bottles of pantene shampoo and 4 boxes of always pads really cost us $2.96 for all of it! **

~Colgate Toothpaste = 3 for $1.05 ($0.35 each)

~Chex Mix = 3 for $0.90 ($0.30 each)

~Scotch Scissors = 2 for -$2.00 (Overage of $2.00)

~Papermate pens 10pk & 2pk = 5 for -$2.50 (Overage of $2.50)

~Crayola Markers = 2 for $1.70 ($0.85 each)

~All Laundry Detergent - 2 for $3.99 ($2.00 each)

~Yoplait Smoothie Mixes = 4 for $2.90 ($0.73 each)

~Yoplait Yogurt 4pk = 1 for $0.40

~Cottonelle 12pk Toilet Paper = 2 for $9.48 ($4.74 each)

~Zantac 24 count = 3 for -$0.03 (Overage of $0.03)

~2000 Flushes = 6 for $2.50 ($0.42 each)

Have I mentioned that I LOVEEEEE couponing!

Share your deals with me! I would love to see them!!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Publix 7/10/11

Total - $113.31
Total after Coupons - $52.34
Total Savings - $60.97

2 - Carolina Pride Smoke Sausage
2 - Butterball Turkey Bacon
4 - French's Worcestershire Sauce
3 - French's Worcestershire Sauce
6 - Texas Pete Hot Sauce
1 - Wisk Laundry Detergent (not pictured)
1 - Tide Laundry Detergent (not pictured)
2 - Reese's Peanut Butter Puff's Cereal
2 - Mt. Olive Pickles
1 - Wishbone Salad Dressing
2 - Weber Seasonings
2 - boxes House Autry Chicken Breader
1 - Burgers' Smokehouse Beans n' Ham
3 - boxes Lance Cracker Creation's
1 - Nabisco Oreo Fudge Creams
1 - Nabisco Oreo Cakesters Double Stuffed
2 - Ivory Bar Soap 3pk.
3 - Tic Tac's Big Packs
4 - 3 Musketeeres Candy Bars
2 - Publix Brand Mac n' Cheese
1 - Quilted Northern Toilet Paper 12pk. (not pictured)
3 - Onions

I can't believe I forgot to put the TP & Laundry Detergent in the picture! :(

I hope everybody has had a GREAT weekend!(:


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/6 Publix Trip

Total - $87.43
Total after Coupons - $42.00
Total Savings - $45.43

1 - Publix Brand Milk
4 - Totino's Party Pizzas
2 - Publix Fries
2 - Tyson Chicken Strips
6 - boxes Welch's Fruit Snacks
2 - Publix Mac n' Cheese
2 - Kleenex Facial Tissue
2 - Dove Deoderant
1 - Duracell AAA 10pk. Batteries
2 - Publix brown gravy
1 - Publix Salad Dressing (Penny Item!!)
2 - Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings
2 - Pedigree Jumbone dog treats
4 - Publix Tomato Sauce
2 - Hunt's Diced Tomatoes
1 - Bologna
1 - Publix Hamburger Buns

I hope everybody is having a GREAT week! I would love to hear the deals you've scored this week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5 Mailbox Freebies

I love free samples! Here's what I received in the mail today...

A 'B. you' Onesie & a sample of Secret Deoderant

What freebies did you get in your mailbox today???


Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 tips to help you find coupons!(:

New to couponing? Not sure where to get coupons from? Well, we have a few tips on where to find some(:

Tip #1 -
We print most of our coupons. This is my favorite way to get coupons! You can read my previous post, Printable Coupons, to learn where I print them from.

Tip #2 -
Go to your nearest gas station or store that sells the Sunday paper and pick one up to get the inserts that come in it. You might want to go and get your paper pretty early before they are all gone. Also, this is REALLY important, check to make sure your inserts are in your paper BEFORE you close the newspaper stand door! It is so frustrating to pick up a paper and get home only to find that your inserts are NOT there! PLEASE don't steal the inserts out of papers either! Take what you PAY for and ONLY that! You can also subscribe to the Sunday paper. We usually purchase 5-10 papers (ours are $1 each)each Sunday. 

Tip #3 -
This one could solve the problem of people taking inserts out of papers, but it also causes it. If you find a coupon(s) in your insert that you really like, you can order it from a clipping service online. The only problem with this is that some people steal the inserts from papers and then sell them on Ebay or other places.  Make sure it's a legit clipping service that pays for their coupons and inserts before they sell them! We will only ever list reputable clipping and printing services on our blog. 

Tip #4 -
Ask your family members, friends, neighbors or anybody else that get's the paper, but doesn't use the coupons, if you can have them. Also, if you have a recycling center/bin in your area you can check there! Make sure it's ok for you to do so first though!

Tip #5-
  Sign up for samples/freebies! I am all the time 'liking' new pages on Facebook and the reason for this is that I'm either getting a coupon or getting a free sample. Sometimes when you sign up for samples they will send you coupons in with those free samples!

Tip #6 -
Look for Blinkies in your store! Publix usually has a lot of these(: You can hold onto that coupon, if you can't use it then, and wait for a good deal to come along. The coupons that you get in blinkies are usually manufacturer coupons so you can use them at any store not just the store you got it from.

Tip #7 -
Check the products you buy for coupons/peelies! Inside or stuck to the outside.

Tip #8 -
After checkout you may recieve some coupons that printed out at the register. These are called 'Catalinas' and they can be used on your next purchase!

Tip #9 -
Write a letter and mail it or email Manufacturers and tell them how much you like their products and they will often send you some coupons back as a way of saying thanks!

Tip #10 -
Use E-Coupons, or coupons that you can put directly onto a card from the internet. Example: Kroger's has a 'Kroger Plus Shopper's Card' (ask to sign up for one next time you're at Kroger's) and all you do is sign up on the Kroger website, enter your card number, and start loading coupons onto it, then when you're at the register you scan your card and it will automatically take those coupons off! Be careful though! If you have 2 coupons for the same product, but one is an e-coupon for $0.50 off and the other is a printable coupon for $1.00 off, which ever one you use first will be the only one you can use. Which means if you scan your card first the $0.50 coupon will be taken off and you will not be allowed to use the $1.00 off coupon causing you to not have as good of a deal. Does that make sense? I'm not sure who all has cards for E- Coupons, but I know CVS has a card and they also have a coupon machine, when you go to the store you scan your card and it will print out coupons for you!

I hope these tips help! Feel free to leave comments!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Publix Penny Item 6/29

Have you went to Publix for your penny item yet??

 If not, then here's what you need to look for!(:

Publix Brand Tortilla Chips

**To get penny items for a penny you have to have the coupon that comes in the Wednesday paper and spend $10 (That's before coupons)!**

Publix 6/29

Total - $180.09
Total After Coupons - $43.34
Total Savings - $136.75

YAYYYYY!!!!:D BEST trip so far!!!(:

5 - Pillsbury Grands Jr. Biscuits
4 - Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
4 - Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
1 - Fresh Express Salad
1 - Fresh Express Baby Spinach
2 - Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles
4 - Kids Cuisine
4 - Mueller Pasta (2 Spaghetti, 1 Elbow Macaroni, and 1 Sea Shells)
4 - Beachnut Fruities 2pks.
4 - Wacky Mac Pasta
4 - Duncan Hines Brownie Mix
4 - Emeril Canned Meals (2 Ravioli & 2 Spaghetti and Meatballs)
2 - cans Rotel
2 - Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish
4 - cans Bertolli Alredo
4 - French's Mustard
8 - Kraft Salad Dressings
4 - A1 Steak Sauces
1 - Heinz Vinegar
1 - Publix Brand Tortilla Chips (PENNY ITEM!!!)
1 - Shick Shave Cream
2 - Carefree Pantiliners
2 - Colgate Toothbrushes
2 - Colgate Toothpastes
2 - Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swiffer 360 Duster Freebie is Finally Here!

I have been so excited to get this awesome freebie in the mail and it finally arrived today! Swiffer did this giveaway on their facebook a while back and luckily I was able to snag one before they were all gone!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Publix Shopping Trip 6/27

Total - $182.00
Total After Coupons - $83.31
Total Savings - $98.69 + $20 Publix Gift Card = $118.69

Actual Total after coupons and gift card - $63.31

1 - Loaf Bread
2 - Boxes Post Great Grain Cereals
2 - Boxes  Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes
2 - Boxes (100 count) Lipton Tea Bags
2 - Mt. Olive Pickles
2 - GE Reveal Lightbulbs
2 - Bags Doritos
2 - Bags Chex Mix
3 - Van Camp's Pork & Beans
3 - Peter Pan Peanut Butter (There is only 2 pictured...oops lol)
4 - Marie Callender's Pot Pie
4 - Sweet Baby Ray's Shredded Pork
4 - Alexia Frozen Dinners
4 - boxes Kellogg's Nutri Grain Bars
4 - Publix Brand Green Beans
4 - Cases Pepsi (12pk)
5 - Snack Pack Puddings
5 - Chef Boyardee (variety)
6 - Publix Brand Corn
6 - Bob Evan's Refrigerated Side Dishes


Friday, June 24, 2011

6/24 Free Samples

I absolutely love opening my mailbox and finding freebies! I get so excited. Seriously, I feel like a kid on Christmas. There are so many great freebies out there.
Here's what I found today when I opened my mailbox...

COUPONS, tampons, pads, liners, and deoderant!  

Tide Stain Release & Tide Detergent
This one came pretty fast and it's full size plus they sent a coupon!

What came in your mailbox today??

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Printable Coupons

Most of the coupons we use are printable coupons. We print several coupons everyday actually! Probably too many??  Most of the time you can print up to 2 of each coupon per computer but occasionally you may run across one that will only allow you to print it once. Couponing is very time consuming, mostly because of the clipping part, but honestly it's worth every second in our opinion! If you find something in your sales paper that's on sale, but you don't have a coupon for it, try and find a coupon on the internet for that item. There are lots of sites with coupon databases that will actually allow you to search for a certain coupon. It will show you if there are any printable coupons available or if there was one that came out in an insert and when it came out. 

Here are a few sites that I like to print coupons from:

I'm sure you all know that Facebook is used for EVERYTHING these days, which means a lot of companies make facebook pages and they occasionally post coupons for their products on them. So don't forget to check there frequently because sometimes the coupons don't last long if there is one!

Also, if you're looking for a certain product, look on the companies website. They sometimes have coupons and offers.

You can also get printable coupons from, (our favorite!)

I hope this helps if you're looking to print coupons!


6/22 Penny Item

The 6/22 penny item at Publix was.....

Publix Brand Apple Juice(: