Friday, December 28, 2012

Kara's 12/19/2012 Publix Trip

Hey ya'll! Sorry this post is so late. I've been enjoying spending time with family and eating lots of yummy food so I figured it could wait a little longer this time! :)
Did you have a wonderful Christmas???
I got a new laptop that runs windows 8 (which I LOVE btw!) and this is my first blog post with it so I'm super excited! I loved all the family time and my mom made an amazing Christmas dinner. Of course our refrigerator decided to mess up that night though so ALL of our leftovers ruined along with some other things. :( I am still very sad about it!
I didn't make it to Publix the day after Christmas because I was busy and wasn't able to get a list together so this is my haul from the week before.
Total before coupons - $102.59
Total after coupons - $43.10
Total savings - $59.49
Here's what I got and what I paid for each item after coupon:
2 - Armour Meatballs ($1.99 each)
4 - Bertolli Pasta Sauces ($0.64 each)
2 - GM Chex Mix ($0.28 each)
2 - Hunt's Ketchup ($0.88 each)
2 - Kraft Mayo (-$0.36 overage!)
6 - Heinz Homestyle Gravy ($0.66 each)
6 - Idahoan Mashed Potatoes ($0.12 each)
4 - Pepsi 2L ($0.93 each)
1 - Always Pads ($6.07)
1 - Publix Sliced Cheese ($2.34)
2 - Hillshire Farm Lunch Meat ($5.99 each)
6 - Ronzoni Pasta ($0.35 each)
1 - Publix Pasta Sauce (penny item)
1 - Publix Ground Pork (I meant to get ground beef, oops!) ($4.58)
Not my best, but there were some things I didn't have coupons for that we had to have.
I hope you had a great Christmas and you have a Happy New Year!
Also, Happy Couponing in 2013! (It's strange to think I won't coupon again til next year)
Thanks for stopping by!

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