Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 tips to help you find coupons!(:

New to couponing? Not sure where to get coupons from? Well, we have a few tips on where to find some(:

Tip #1 -
We print most of our coupons. This is my favorite way to get coupons! You can read my previous post, Printable Coupons, to learn where I print them from.

Tip #2 -
Go to your nearest gas station or store that sells the Sunday paper and pick one up to get the inserts that come in it. You might want to go and get your paper pretty early before they are all gone. Also, this is REALLY important, check to make sure your inserts are in your paper BEFORE you close the newspaper stand door! It is so frustrating to pick up a paper and get home only to find that your inserts are NOT there! PLEASE don't steal the inserts out of papers either! Take what you PAY for and ONLY that! You can also subscribe to the Sunday paper. We usually purchase 5-10 papers (ours are $1 each)each Sunday. 

Tip #3 -
This one could solve the problem of people taking inserts out of papers, but it also causes it. If you find a coupon(s) in your insert that you really like, you can order it from a clipping service online. The only problem with this is that some people steal the inserts from papers and then sell them on Ebay or other places.  Make sure it's a legit clipping service that pays for their coupons and inserts before they sell them! We will only ever list reputable clipping and printing services on our blog. 

Tip #4 -
Ask your family members, friends, neighbors or anybody else that get's the paper, but doesn't use the coupons, if you can have them. Also, if you have a recycling center/bin in your area you can check there! Make sure it's ok for you to do so first though!

Tip #5-
  Sign up for samples/freebies! I am all the time 'liking' new pages on Facebook and the reason for this is that I'm either getting a coupon or getting a free sample. Sometimes when you sign up for samples they will send you coupons in with those free samples!

Tip #6 -
Look for Blinkies in your store! Publix usually has a lot of these(: You can hold onto that coupon, if you can't use it then, and wait for a good deal to come along. The coupons that you get in blinkies are usually manufacturer coupons so you can use them at any store not just the store you got it from.

Tip #7 -
Check the products you buy for coupons/peelies! Inside or stuck to the outside.

Tip #8 -
After checkout you may recieve some coupons that printed out at the register. These are called 'Catalinas' and they can be used on your next purchase!

Tip #9 -
Write a letter and mail it or email Manufacturers and tell them how much you like their products and they will often send you some coupons back as a way of saying thanks!

Tip #10 -
Use E-Coupons, or coupons that you can put directly onto a card from the internet. Example: Kroger's has a 'Kroger Plus Shopper's Card' (ask to sign up for one next time you're at Kroger's) and all you do is sign up on the Kroger website, enter your card number, and start loading coupons onto it, then when you're at the register you scan your card and it will automatically take those coupons off! Be careful though! If you have 2 coupons for the same product, but one is an e-coupon for $0.50 off and the other is a printable coupon for $1.00 off, which ever one you use first will be the only one you can use. Which means if you scan your card first the $0.50 coupon will be taken off and you will not be allowed to use the $1.00 off coupon causing you to not have as good of a deal. Does that make sense? I'm not sure who all has cards for E- Coupons, but I know CVS has a card and they also have a coupon machine, when you go to the store you scan your card and it will print out coupons for you!

I hope these tips help! Feel free to leave comments!

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