Thursday, June 23, 2011

Printable Coupons

Most of the coupons we use are printable coupons. We print several coupons everyday actually! Probably too many??  Most of the time you can print up to 2 of each coupon per computer but occasionally you may run across one that will only allow you to print it once. Couponing is very time consuming, mostly because of the clipping part, but honestly it's worth every second in our opinion! If you find something in your sales paper that's on sale, but you don't have a coupon for it, try and find a coupon on the internet for that item. There are lots of sites with coupon databases that will actually allow you to search for a certain coupon. It will show you if there are any printable coupons available or if there was one that came out in an insert and when it came out. 

Here are a few sites that I like to print coupons from:

I'm sure you all know that Facebook is used for EVERYTHING these days, which means a lot of companies make facebook pages and they occasionally post coupons for their products on them. So don't forget to check there frequently because sometimes the coupons don't last long if there is one!

Also, if you're looking for a certain product, look on the companies website. They sometimes have coupons and offers.

You can also get printable coupons from, (our favorite!)

I hope this helps if you're looking to print coupons!


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